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From Delegates4Dean, Midnight Raids

(Message from Delegates4Dean)

"We are encouraging members, in addition to their locally scheduled Visibility Events to organize and participate in Dean Midnight Raids in their local areas sometime this weekend and Monday night before Super Tuesday. The idea is basically that small groups of committed Dean supporters can cover large areas of ground, especially at night or in the early morning while there's no traffic. We encourage everyone to paper their town with Dean flyers (especially those that address why it's important to still vote for him on Tuesday), handmade banners, Dean for America posters, stickers, anything they have available so that when the commuters start out the next day, they emerge into all things Dean. This plan gives us incredible Dean visibility. In fact it can make it look like there actually MORE Dean support than there actually is, and that may help swing voters who are on the fence."

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Time to cut up your Card?

Got an MBNA credit card? Close it! They have just earned the title of #1 Bush campaign donor.

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Important Announcements / Open Thread

Welcome to the My Voice Blog. It is set up similar to the DFA Blog. Just click on "comments" at the end of this post to comment. I would like to have everyone post their questions/comments/concerns here instead of emailing them to me or posting them in the forums section of our website. This way we can keep them together and everyone can see the discussion/question and my responses. I get an email everytime someone comments here so don't worry, I will see them all. Remember, no question is a stupid question. If you have a question, chances are someone else is asking themselves the same thing.

We have done some "housekeeping" on our website. Click "Home" on the top right of this screen to see how we've made it more user friendly. All the information is still there. It is just in the blue left sidebar. (Please don't ignore this section though, there is a lot of useful info. there)

I have moved the list of Deanfest committees and duties to above the poll under "anouncements". Please check it out and "vote" for a committee you'd like to join.

There has been a lot of cal lfor an educational aspect of Deanfest as well as entertainment. I have come up with a slogun that I think sums up what Deanfest will be:

Deanfest: Education by Day, Entertainment by night

Let me know what you think, if you can come up with something better, I will present a prize to you on stage at Deanfest :-)

I am taking tomorrow off (I hope), so if you post here then, I will respond on Friday.

Thanks for all your hard work, the floor is yours.

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Please discuss where you think this movement should go - and how we can stay unified.

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Messages for Unity from Howard Dean and National Grassroots

Governor Dean has issued a statement for Unity. In addition, National Grassroots has asked me to send this message out to our members, as all the groups come together in support of the Progressive Movement. It is critical that all of us stand together and support Dean and support the drive for Delegates. Many rumors and stories are out in the press - often from the same people that have tried their hardest to tear us down in the past few months. We really need everyone to come together at this moment - and show the world we are alive. If you are a leader of a Dean/Progressive group please sign contact Grassroots and tell them of your support. If you are like myself, just a Citizen supporter of Dean, then make your voice heard this week. Visit the blogs, wear buttons, place stickers on your car and be noticed. Then come join us on Saturday at 2 PM EST and show the country we are still strong, still standing, and still together.

Al Boynton
Join at

Below is from Howard Dean:

Monday, February 23, 2004

Governor Dean's statement on Ralph Nader
When I announced last week that I am no longer actively pursuing the presidency, I urged my supporters not to be tempted by any independent or third party candidate. I said I would support the nominee of the Democratic Party, because the bottom line is that we must defeat George W. Bush in November, whatever it takes.

This year, our campaign has made the case that, in order to defeat George W. Bush, the Democratic Party must stand up strong for its principles, not paper over its differences with the most radical Administration in our lifetime. In order to win, the Democratic Party must aggressively expose the ways in which George W. Bush's policies benefit the privileged and the most extreme ideologues.

I will do everything I can to ensure that the 2004 Democratic nominee runs as a true progressive, as a champion of working Americans and their hopes for a better future. I urge my supporters, and all other Americans committed to progressive values and honest government, to stick with us, and stick with the Democratic Party, so our cause can prevail in 2004.

Ralph Nader has made many great contributions to America over 40 years. But if George W. Bush is re-elected, the health, safety, consumer, environmental, and open government provisions Ralph Nader has fought for will be undermined. George Bush's right-wing appointees will still be serving as judges fifty years from now, and our Constitution will be shredded. It will be government by, of, and for, the corporations - exactly what Ralph Nader has struggled against.

Those who truly want America's leaders to stand up to the corporate special interests and build a better country for working people should recognize that, in 2004, a vote for Ralph Nader is, plain and simple, a vote to re-elect George W. Bush. I hope that Ralph Nader will withdraw his candidacy in the best interests of the country we hope to become.

Many of my supporters urged me to run as an independent, but I judged it the wrong thing to do. There is still time for Ralph Nader to stand with those in the Democratic Party who are building a progressive coalition to defeat George W. Bush. But time is running out. We can win only if we are united.

Below is from National grassroots

Dear Dean grassroots leader,

Howard Dean is no longer actively campaigning for the presidency and is
promising a new Dean for America to carry his ideas forward. We'll all be
a part of that new organization and movement when it's announced.

In the meantime, Ralph Nader is about to make a major announcement on
Sunday's Meet the Press, and the press is gleefully reporting stories of
how ex-Dean supporters and groups are "defecting" to Kerry or Edwards.

We feel we need to act now so we're planning to issue a press release, in
conjunction with, to announce our unity. The press release
will cover three main points:

1) We are UNIFIED in working to send as many delegates pledged to Dean as
possible to the Democratic Convention.
2) We are UNIFIED in the need to create a movement to advocate for the
principles articulated by Howard Dean.
3) We are UNIFIED to work together in coalition with a broad range of
groups to oust George Bush in 2004.

We're collecting the names and contact info of leaders of regional and
national Dean grassroots organizations who might be interested in endorsing
the final press release. Once we've completed writing the release, we'll
forward it to you for your approval. If you agree with the statement, we'll
include your organization's name as part of the release.

If you'd like to be a signatory to the press release (after you've approved
its contents), send the following information now to Rob Dickinson

Name of the grassroots group:
Description of what constituency this group serves:
Contact(s) Name:
Phone number(s):
E-mail address:
Approx. number of people represented in this group:

Additionally we have set up a mailing list so we can stay in touch.
Subscribe at:

and or send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

Your help is absolutely necessary to make this project fly! Please direct
questions to Dan Robinson at [email protected]

All I want is my country back

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Unity Visibility Day 2/28/2004 AND what we can do this week.

We need to focus on what we need to do. There is much work here, and we
would like it if everyone can get on the same page here. We have little
or no time, and need everyone to keep the faith, keep focused and help do
the work. We have the power – but we have to work for it. We need EVERYONE
to contact everyone they know and try to get them t join in. Call, visit,
forward this message, write your own.

Is your heart broken? Are you angry? Feel you didn’t do enough? Think
you should have done more? Then lets do it now. For most, we are asking
for only a little of your time. Doing visibility is a social event where
you are with like minded folks. If you follow this plan, we have a slim
chance of making a difference, but there is a chance – there is always hope
until someone reaches the 2200+ mark for delegates – though each day makes
it harder.

1) Create or Join a visibility for Saturday February 24th at 2 PM EST. (1PM
CST, 12PM MST, 11AM PST) If this time absolutely will not work, choose another,
but it will be better if we can be coordinated on this time. It is better
for you to do something at any time/date than nothing. Have faith. Many
people are just looking for a leader, so if you do not have an organizer
BECOME that organizer and search the site / blog / grassroots /DFA for others.

2) Add you visibility to the Visibility application at
Make sure you fill out all you can – and make an educated guess as to how
many people you are bringing. The Visibility application will add all of
the people involved. This can be comforting if the numbers are not high,
but can be heartening if they are high. Also go to
and add your event there as well. The more places you post, the more likely
you are to have others find you.
3) You can find a press release for the visibility event at the end of this
message. Modify the Press Release and send it to your local paper. Send
it ASAP, as this can take time to be placed. If you are another Dean /Progressive
Organization, please feel free to change the comment, message, etc. DO THIS
4) If you have signs, then (of course) bring them. If you have too many,
I will be creating a DB where we can coordinate them being distributed.
If not, try to find a location that has signs – try posting on the blogs,
or make your own. I will create a database for campaign material locations
so people can link up. I know there are plenty of signs and literature at
the Cambridge MFD HQ, so I am sure there are other offices out there that
still have stuff. To make signs, you can use poster board and just write
the sign out. I will have some sample ideas below, but be creative. Sometimes
the home made signs are better than the manufactured ones.
5) If there is any chance you will have people walking up and asking questions,
then download and print some flyers. There are some at
in the Documents section as well as at DFA sites. Also, feel free to create
your own, by looking up Howard’s positions/accomplishments and writing one.
It would be nice to see some new ones on the Nader effect. I think this
is a very viable argument.

DONATIONS: are planning to run some radio ads, but will do a SERIOUS
television ad if they can raise in the neighborhood of $100K or more. This
would be HUGE to us. If you can contribute anything, PLEASE send them a
contribution at: They have done some very
good work so far, and have not let us down with the quality of their ads.
I’m sure this will apply if we can get them to do a larger ad.

Ok, here is my “positive” message, way back here…don’t expect too much…
If Nader is in, Dean MUST Win
Do we want 2000 again?

I don’t want to preach to the choir here, but this message needs to be made
– as I really and truly believe this to be the case. The Democratic Party
knows that Nader will make any Democratic candidate unelectable –EXCEPT Howard
Dean. We need to get this message across to the public. I will try to write
a blog message to better articulate this - but it is a serious issue. Dean
can still win this – though time is running very low in the hourglass. A
coordinated and LARGE grassroots effort this weekend – VERY large – could
turn the tide…plus a huge influx of money to TruthandHope, plus lots of work
and determination. The odds are very much against us, but there is a little
crack…you just have to look hard and reach in deep for that optimism.

Bottom line – If you want an “electable” candidate, someone that will bring
the Progressive vote to the Democratic Party, then only Dean can do this.
Dean is what will stop the Nader folks from voting for him – a true candidate
for change – an Honest man, a man that tells us what he CAN do, not what
he would like to do – but knows he can’t. Someone with a record of working
together with Republicans AND getting bills passed, something that is important
for a President. If Dean is not nominated, I truly fear we will see four
more years of George Bush. The number of Progressives in this country has
grown in number since GWB came into power. They really want someone that
will change America and support their values, or they may very not show up
to vote. I am not trying to be divisive when I say this – it appears to
be a reality. 3 years ago, Nader had 3 percent of the vote with an electorate
that was not angry with politics as usual. This year, do not be surprised
if 7-9 percent of the vote goes to Nader, as there are many people that are
upset with the system and the way the Democratic Party has been ignoring
the Progressive Wing. We need to confront our friends that are not looking
at this and note that the majority of the actual people I have seen in the
movement are former Republicans, Independents, Reagan Democrats, Greens,
Libertarians…with some moderate Democrats. While many of the positions in
DFA may have been Democrats, the people in the movement themselves appear
to be Progressives – the same folks the DNC did not court in 2000 – and lost
(or tied), just as they are again ignoring them…at their own peril. Don’t
let them do it, let’s stop them from doing it. It is as if they are committing
suicide here to save themselves from Dean. This is where our message needs
to come from – but a positive message that focuses on the Nader voters –
and on Dean’s wonderful record – not to mention the honorable way he has
stepped away from thefray – no anger, no bitterness – at least not that he
shows anyone – very honorable, especially after what happened.


If Nader is in, Dean MUST Win
Do we want 2000 again?
Do we really want to lose to Nader?
Beat Nader-Vote Dean.
Remember 2000, Vote Dean
Got Honesty? Get Dean!
No Healthcare? Vote Dean!
We are still alive.
We are still here.
Perseverance, Determination, Hope, DEAN.
Ask me why I’m voting Dean.
I’m still voting for Howard Dean on (primary date)

GOOD LUCK, Keep the faith, Think positive, Hope, and work hard!

Press Release is below

FEBRUARY 28, 2004 (Yourname)
(Your Phone)


Group to provide Dean visibility, reminding voters that Primary is about

(Yourtown, YourState) --On February 28, 2004, Dean supporters in (Yourtown,
YourState) will join with Dean supporters across the country in a national
Dean Visibility Day. At hundreds of locations across America, including
(Yourtown), thousands of Dean supporters plan to raise awareness that, even
though Howard Dean, M.D., is “no longer actively pursuing the presidency,”
he is still on the ballot; a candidate that suspends their campaign remains
on the ballot as opposed to a candidate that quits the race.

These supporters are continuing the grass roots movement that Governor Dean
began by informing fellow voters that they have the power to shape the platform
this July at the National Convention in Boston. "We want people to remember
that a Primary is a race for delegates. If you’re tired of politics as usual,
your vote is your voice so vote for Dean and help send a strong message through
our progressive delegates,” said Charlene Johnston, Spokesperson for MyVoices.Org.
"A vote for Governor Dean will send our delegates to the National Convention—his
voice will continue to be echoed so that this will be a government of the
people and not of the special interests.”

(Yourtown) Dean supporters will rally (DESCRIPTION OF LOCATION)
WHO: (Number of Supporters, name of group –If any)
WHAT: Rally to show our support for Howard Dean’s Presidential Bid
WHEN: Saturday, February 7, 2003 – (2:00 PM EST – use your time zone equivalent)

WHERE: (Location address)

For more information about the Dean for America campaign, visit


End of Press Release

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We are working together with other Dean Organization Grassroots movements to join together with a Statement of Unity. This is what the Unity Statement will say:

1. We are UNIFIED in the need to sustain a movement to advocate for the
principles articulated by Howard Dean and for candidates who exemplify
2. We are UNIFIED in working to send as many delegates pledged to Dean
as possible to the Democratic Convention.
3. We are UNIFIED to work together in coalition with a broad range of
groups to oust George W. Bush in 2004.

Since these are the goals we believe this movement - and Howard Dean have been about, we believe it is best that all the various Dean Organizations join together and sign onto this unity statement. Please comment with your thoughts. Note that the third statement indicates that we will work together to oust GWB, but does not indicate that we will necessarily do so by supporting the nominee in any particular way. These are things that you will decide for us in the coming months. We do have a cohesive plan as to how we should move forward as a group. This will be expressed in the following days. We will be sending out a few emails in the next two days on how we can all work together on item #2 of the unity statement.

Remember what Howard said:
"I’m tired of being divided. America is better than that. In this election, I promise that when Republicans pander to our lowest fears, I will fight back by speaking to our highest aspirations. I will offer the American people the chance to choose hope instead of fear, community instead of division, healing instead of hatred." - Gov. Howard Dean

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Guest Blogger Joni Writes...

O.k., it's time to move forward. What do i hold onto and what do i let go of?" Forward thinking, What excites you about the possibilities that lie ahead? Is it a Unified America ("we've been divided for far too long"), Is it overhauling the political process? Is it affording people in Media to listen to their higher self and change from within as we in the democratic party are? Is it welcoming others whose parties are stagnent and don't afford them a voice a chance to be part of this process that gives Every American their Voice? What excites you the most? What has you so wrapped up right now you want to yell "Yaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh" not out of anger as the corrupt media portrayed it, but out of that same passion and excitement that HD has ignited in all of us?

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Visibility Results

Just got back from doing visibility in the freezing rain. (It's always bad weather here for visibility). It felt really good. I felt like I may have actually changed some votes this time, letting people know it's still OK to vote for Dean (or maybe they'll just vote for him because they felt sorry for me out freezing my @ss off). I also felt very patriotic, knowing that I live in a country where I can stand out with a sign for something that's right and not just popular. Only got 4 thumbs down and about a hundred honks/thumbs up. Not as many as last time, but still good. How did yours go?

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Letters to the editor

Just got a call from the Burlington free press that they will be publishing my letter!!!!!!!!

Dear Editor,
On March 2nd, we Vermonters are in a unique position to make our vote
count. As many of you know, Gov. Dean is not actively campaigning for
president anymore. His name is still on the ballot though, and the
campaign's new goal is to send as many progressive delegates to the
convention as possible, to make sure the party represents the people
not just the special interests. A win in Vermont will send this message
loud and clear. This is the time to tell the party what it should stand
for, not to elect a president. Electing a president will be done in
November. So vote your hopes, not your fears. Vote Dean.

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