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Root Camp Training


Pam Paul of Progressive Democrats of America, Nathan Gonzalez of Latinos for America, and Joe Magid of Grassroots for America unveiled the concept of Root CampTM this Friday at the Progressive Democratic Summit in Washington, DC.

Root Camp is the product of hundreds of hours of thought, preparation and research. It is the grassroots solution to the challenges faced by progressives in seeking to establish a permanent, 50-state advocacy infrastructure that will function on and off election years.

The Root Camp training is based on the staple Latinos for America training, hailed as one of the most effective training programs for activists, campaign managers and candidates in the country.  In addition, Root Camp incorporates the Grassroots Mentor Program,TM which will produce trainers in the local community, and help bring about a level of self-sufficiency for the activist communities it reaches.  Grassroots Mentors will incorporate the skills they learn, and help tailor them to the needs of their state, county, and city.  Grassroots Mentors will become part of a national community of trainers that will have continuous access to information and information-sharing tools, keeping their local training programs current and dynamic.  In addition, Grassroots Mentors and other trainees will be connected to the message framing tools developed by the progressive Rock Ridge Institute.

My Vote is My Voice, Grassroots for America, and Latinos for America, invite you to take part in Root Camp at Democracy Fest 2005. 

The goals of Root Camp are the following:

1)     Honing the skills of grassroots activists, campaign workers and campaign managers.

2)     Introducing potential candidates to the essentials of running for office at any level.

3)     Training Grassroots Mentors to establish a permanent skills-development infrastructure in their community.

4)     Establishing a dynamic, national community of trained, effective progressive campaign managers, precinct leaders, activists, organizers and candidates.

Do you want to bring Root Camp to your city?  Contact Nathan Gonzalez at [email protected].

Posted by Jessica Falker on January 23, 2005 at 10:12 PM | Permalink


I look forward to participating in Root Camp at DemocracyFest this year.

Posted by: Jessica | Mar 29, 2005 9:13:26 AM

I hope you will be able to weave Gov. Dean's book into the Root Camp mix, it appears to be a good learning/teaching - listening/talking tool.

Posted by: Peter B. Lewis | Mar 30, 2005 2:03:26 AM

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