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DemocracyFest 2005 - Day 1

Greetings from Austin We are all gathered here for Democracyfest 2005. Over 900 people bought tickets to DF2005 - with over 2000 people buying tickets to the speaking engagement at Stubbs. Over 500 people are here from out of state. Many activists are here - including folks from DFA, Latinos for America, Grassroots for America, and a number of politicians and candidtes. It IS hot her - and is not a "dry" heat - maybe a wet dry, but not a dry, dry. ;-) At any rate, the sessions I have been in so far have been useful - especially the blogging section. There are many familiar faces. Tonight we gathered at Threadgills for some entertainment an beer. Fran from DFT (the hosting organization this year) - spoke for a bit, I had a chance to welcome everyone on behalf of MViMV - then Tom Hughes went on stage. After that, a long wait for fried pickels, chicken fried steak, good burgers, wings, banana pudding and cherry cobbler - an lots of talking. A good night - and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Until then...goodnight.

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Finally getting a chance to read this. LOL.

The fried pickles were great!

Posted by: Jessica | Jul 4, 2005 7:52:09 AM

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