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To Follow the Rules or Be Dazzled by Money

Please join us Monday, February 27, from 8 PM to 9 PM EST. Paul McDevitt will be guest blogging; he provided the following commentary:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial election. I will confine my comments to the democratic primary since we all do well to take one step at a time.

In all probability the Democrats will present two candidates to the voters in the September primary election. These are the persons, Mr. Reilly and Mr. Patrick, who have gone through the caucus process and have followed the rules of the party as generally understood by people of average intelligence. There is a move to add candidates at the convention but this process will probably fail as it should. Those who are dazzled by dollars should buy a lottery ticket. Those who wish can choose between two very different candidates.

I am no expert. I do not derive my income from politics. But I have been an observer of the process for a half century and can offer some perspectives as to Massachusetts. Mr Reilly is the incumbent attorney general and is in his second term in that office. Previously he was elected as a district attorney in one of our most populous counties. He appears to me to see the world through the eyes of a career prosecutor. Under certain circumstances he favors capital punishment. He is opposed to the only major renewable energy project in Massachusetts. He could be described as center/right. If he were a steak he would be cooked medium/well.

In recent memory three attorneys general have sought the governorship (all democrats). They have all failed.

Mr. Patrick is a former official in the justice department in the Clinton Administration. He has had a successful career as chief legal counsel to two major corporations. He is opposed t capital punishment and favors the wind power project. He would be described as center/left. If he were a steak he would be cooked medium rare (a little pink but warm in the center)

I support Mr. Patrick. He has energized me in a way that few have done. I was an early Dean supporter and maxed out to him in each of two years. After Kerry won the nomination I went to N. Mexico to work for his candidacy, I paid my own way. But I was not stirred as I was by the Dean campaign. I think you know what I mean.

It is ludicrous to think that, as Mr. Reilly thinks, there can be a foolproof form of capital punishment. Science may be perfect but evidence can be planted and perjury can be bought in a variety of ways. Mr. Patrick is way ahead on this issue.

Deval Patrick believes that we must have renewable energy and supports wind energy with windmills placed off the coast of Cape Cod. Those with an ocean view have mainly opposed the project. Mr. Reilly has fallen in among them. How many wars will we fight for oil because the politicians at home refuse to stand up to the NIMBYs for the common good?

Mr. Patrick is quite a hit with the average voter as evidenced by his winning about 75% of the caucus delegate slots. Obviously some people are unhappy about his success as they are trying to short circuit the process and add one of the new breed of super rich candidates through a petition process. This is a slap in the face to those who have worked long and hard to recruit more Democrats into the election process.

If all we care about is money let us send the keys to every state house to the editors of Fortune magazine and let them distribute them to the wealthiest person in each state.

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MViMV endorses Christine Cegelis

My Vote is My Voice (MViMV) is excited to announce our first endorsement of 2006 in support of Christine Cegelis for Congress, Illinois District 6.

Many of you may remember Christine from DemocracyFest 2004 in Massachusetts. Christine went on that year to receive more than 110,000 votes (44.2%) against a 30-year incumbent Republican Congressman. With your support, Christine’s amazing grassroots campaign will end the Republican domination of the 6th District and put a genuine candidate of the people in Congress.

Please go to her website right now (www.cegelisforcongress.com) and pledge just $10. It will take only a few minutes and a few clicks, but it can change the direction of this country and allow everyday citizens to reclaim the American Dream.

This truly is a grassroots campaign, without the support of the political or corporate interests who spend fortunes to get their hand-picked candidates elected. Our power is in our votes and our voices, but sometimes we need to reach into our pockets to help make sure our voices are heard.

If you’re in a position to contribute more than $10, that would be wonderful. And, if you would like to learn more about other ways you can help, all the information you need is at www.cegelisforcongress.com.

Thank you in advance for supporting an outstanding candidate for Congress.

Very truly,
Your MViMV Board

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