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Ohio House race

"Hi, I'm Marian Harris candidate for State Representative in Ohio's 19th House District. I'll be joining the MViMV blog on May 8th and looking forward to the discussion. I'm not a blogger and this will be a new experience for me! I'm also a new candidate - after 30 years "behind the scenes" working for other candidates, I've decided that no Republican should go unchallenged - so I'm challenging my representative! I look forward to both experiences!!"

Posted by MarianOhio on April 19, 2006 at 05:18 PM | Permalink


Thanks Marian - we look forward to your blog. Lois Herr running for Representative in Pennsylvania will also be joining us in June. I hope this leads to a lot of grassroots networking during the summer & victory in the fall. Thanks for being there and challenging the status quo. Later...


Posted by: Bob | Apr 19, 2006 7:56:30 PM

Cool. Talk to you on May 8th!

Posted by: Jessica | Apr 24, 2006 8:50:25 AM

Marian, Congratulations on your first blog post! Looking forward to chatting with you on May 8th.

Posted by: Charlene | Apr 24, 2006 5:44:15 PM


Ohio has been suffering from bad government (corruption, bad air and water, poor schools, loss of good jobs, no planning and even no vote since the past elections have been very suspect). How will you approach these issues and how will you get your message out?

Posted by: Dave | May 8, 2006 12:59:21 PM

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