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Moral Obligation

In 2002 a conference of the Northeast Campuses for Climate Action, cosponsored by Skidmore College and Clean Air-Cool Planet convened in Saratoga, New York. CA-CP is a leading organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming. It forms partnerships with campuses, communities, and companies to develop strategies to help reduce overall carbon emissions.
Since the early 1990s the earth has seen the hottest recorded temperatures in the past hundred years. This overall increase of 2-3 degrees F has resulted in melted icebergs the size of Rhode Island, brought severe rain to many areas of the world, and prolonged drought to others - with resulting social and political unrest. Economically it has cost billions of dollars. Since this conference there has been a growing awareness of how mankind's activities have added significantly to global greenhouse gas levels. The message became clear that academia had a moral and ethical obligation to become leaders in developing strategies and solutions as suggested by CA-CP.
How might university communities best promote those progressive candidates who will carry this message to Washington come November? Entered by Bob Winkler 6-19-06

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Most recently I attended a poetry reading by 4th graders. They gave their creative readings for "Mission of Hope" - a local group giving aid, which includes semi yearly travel to Nicarauga to help starving children and families. Somehow we instill this curiosity and creatvity to join with our global village at an early age. Then our society drops the subject and we become self centered and oblivious to the world around us. Eventually, if one is lucky, they're reintroduced to these values in college. What's happened to the American culture to make us so immuned to the needs of others - and so self absorbed? Is our national politics just a reflection of this self disception?

Posted by: Bob | Jun 19, 2006 8:27:16 PM

The "Big Buy" Film-makers Guest Blog
Talk directly with film makers Mark Birnbaum & Jim Schermbeck on Monday evening, June 26th at 8 PM EST.
Also, if you're attending the Democracy Fest in San Diego, July 14-16, you'll have the opportunity to view the film and see Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films, as he introduces "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress. Join us at: http://www.democracyfest.us
See you there...

Posted by: Bob | Jun 19, 2006 8:57:49 PM

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