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Political Blogs

Recent studies have shown blogging activities tend to cluster around high profile entities and then spin off into smaller and more familiar local or regional e-communities. The questions is - how might this particular blog best contribute to a robust and significant political dialogue which brings about measurable change to the national political scene?

Posted by Jessica Falker on July 24, 2006 at 08:05 PM | Permalink


The above blog was entered by Bob - the question that potential guest bloggers "might" ask is - what advantage do I get participating in this blog? Numbers? Expressing my views? Finding like personalities? Addressing challenging thoughts?

Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 8:11:02 PM

Como la fuerza este blog contribuye a un blog politico robusto - demonstrando que tenemos creencia, preocupaciones de la vecindad, y miedos comunes. Somos verdad una comunidad global.

Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 8:39:11 PM

Who might we be talking to via the blog? If the message is the media - can those without the necessary resources "know" what's available? This is where neigborhood "door-to-door" canvassing comes into play - as pointed out so graphically by the Latinos for America training sessions since the first DFest in Massachusetts and beyond.

Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 8:48:57 PM

El mensaje basico sigue siendo igual. Sepa que usted se sienten, hallazgo ortos en su vecindad que creen igual, idean un plan comin, y lo hacen! Ahora esta el tiempo.

Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 8:59:37 PM

Hi Bob! Sorry got working and lost track of time.

We have definitely seen an increase in blogging activity when a high profile individual is online.

Personally, I like expressing my views and hearing similar viewpoints so I don't feel so alone in this crazy world.

Posted by: Charlene | Jul 24, 2006 9:00:07 PM

Join us next Monday when Debra Stoleroff, editor of the e-newsletter "What's a Citizen To Do?" joins our discussion.
Have a good night!

Ensamblenos el lunes proximo en que Debra Stoleroff, redactor del e-boleti'n de noticias "cual es un ciudadano a hacer?" conduce nuestra discusion.
Tenga una buena noche!


Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 9:04:03 PM

Thanks Charlene - it's a big world to deal with, but with friends like you the comfort zone feels oh, so real. Gracias......

Posted by: Bob | Jul 24, 2006 9:08:14 PM

Debra Stoleroff does a great job! Hoping I don't forget to be here for her blog...

Posted by: Jessica | Jul 28, 2006 5:00:25 AM

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