"The Day After Tomorrow" Movie

You've got to love the controversy being stirred up by movies lately. They get so much press that you don't even need a trailer to know what the story is about. The latest battering ram of the current administration is being provided by the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. The film explores the possible scenario that climate change resulting from global warming could cause an ice age.

I wrote a paper in college that discussed the possibility that global warming could create storms that would force the earth into another ice age. I wonder where that paper went to? It would be handy to have as I write a letter to the editor. My plan is to write to the newspapers using this event to talk about an email I received this week from an EPA list serve dedicated to climate change. This particular email advertised the services for two corporations (GMAC Insurance and OnStar), under the guise of companies that encourage driving less miles. The list serve used to provide scientific data and examples of what others were doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

The administration is so afraid of the public outcry that could be generated by this movie that they tried to restrict any NASA staff from doing interviews or commenting "on anything having to do with" the film. Because a senior NASA scientist resented attempts to muzzle climate researchers, he leaked a copy of the message to the NY Times. The message read, "Any news media wanting to discuss science fiction vs. science fact about climate change will need to seek comment from individuals or organizations not associated with NASA." NASA has since relaxed its stance.

My favorite quote is from former Vice President Al Gore,

"There are two sets of fiction to deal with. One is the movie, the other is the Bush administration's presentation of global warming."

Here's some things you can do to help America recognize that it must act as a leader to curb global warming effects?

* Ask family and friends to go to the movie with you (even if it is a FOX production).

* Join MoveOn members outside the theater and handout flyers explaining global warming and the effect of US policies.

* Write your representatives if they don't already support Bill #S. 17, Global Climate Security Act of 2003, a bill to initiate responsible Federal actions that will reduce the risks from global warming and climate change to the economy, the environment, and quality of life, and for other purposes. For a list of supporters, use http://thomas.loc.gov.

* Write a letter to the editor suggesting that people support S.17.

* Reduce your global warming impact and buy credits to offset your carbon emissions.

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