March 20: World Still Says No to War

World Still Says No to War in Iraq
This weekend marks the one year anniversary of U.S. pre-emptive war on the people of Iraq. If you want to add your voice to say "Yes" to peace and "No" to pre-emptive war, go to United for Peace and look for events happening near you this weekend. Here's the calendar link:

The World Says No to the Bush Agenda

Also, mark August 29, 2004, on your calendar. A protest is being planned for NYC near the 2004 Republican Convention.

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Dean Visibility On Saturday

Hi All,
I would like to know who might be interested in visibility in their state/town this weekend. We have enough folks that are coordinators in this group that we should be able to have a good showing. I'm thinking a 12:00EST to 1:00 EST Dean visibility! Please comment if you are interested, so we can gauge
how many people might show up! You can use the blog to find people in your area...

There is a flyer in the Documents section of the site that was created today by the Mass. for Dean group that could be modified for others to use:
We can still get votes, we can still push on...


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